Bicycling has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds in areas of the city where new infrastructure for biking was put in. Staten Island has not seen the share of investment seen in other places; however, the Island is still great for biking due to the presence of many lightly-trafficked neighborhood streets.

Biking is especially appropriate for Staten Island because many destinations are too far for walking, yet too close for driving. To start traveling by bike you will need a bicycle (of course) and the lights and bell required by New York State law. Prepare your commute by first walking, driving, or taking a bus along the route. Then test your ability by riding your bike on the route during a quiet time, such as on the weekend. At all times, follow the Biking Rules!

After you try out bicycling to work or school, make it a part of your routine. It is a way to make exercise a part of your day – without having to pay for the gym.

Drivers who speed, pass too close, or perform other illegal maneuvers can be a danger to bicyclists. Report dangerous driving at your police precinct’s monthly meeting. To request a bike lane or bike “sharrows” on your street or in your park, contact your Community Board and local officials.

And remember, bicycling is safer than not bicycling!

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