Your Options

Driving in Staten Island is often a frustrating experience. Driving less can help you avoid stressful situations and save money. And it is healthy for you as well as the environment!

On Staten Island there is an array of options available for traveling other than driving alone. Not all are right for everyone, but chances are you will find something that works for you.

Public Transit. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) covers New York City with an extensive network of buses in all five boroughs, subways in four boroughs, and the Staten Island Railway. Neighboring New Jersey has its own extensive network of New Jersey Transit buses and trains as well as an array of private bus services. The Port Authority Trans-Hudson subway system connects Manhattan with New Jersey as well. The Staten Island ferry and a network of Hudson River and East River ferries can get you to destinations in four boroughs and two states.

Walking and Bicycling. No matter how we travel, we are all pedestrians at some point – whether it means walking that last part from the ferry to the office, or walking the entire way from home. Riding a bicycle is also an option for some who need to cover a distance that would take too long to walk. The Citi Bike bike share program is the newest way for getting around. It is available in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Sharing a Car. If you ever have to buy a lot of groceries, give someone a lift, or simply go to a place without transit service, you will need a car: car share and taxi/livery services are convenient options. And of course, carpooling to the office is always cheaper than driving by yourself.

Here’s the complete list:

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