Staten Island Mobility Solutions (SIMS) provides sustainable transportation guidance to residents, businesses, and visitors of the borough of Staten Island, New York City. It is the leading forum for transportation demand management (TDM) solutions on the Island. We are dedicated to making Staten Island a better place to live, work, and play by developing projects that reduce traffic congestion and pollution and informing people about the benefits of public transit, carpooling, walking, biking, and telecommuting. We direct the conversation by disseminating information, bringing key stakeholders together, and encouraging participation by people like you.

Started in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012, SIMS is a grassroots organization. Sandy brought with it a new sense of urgency in confronting the poor state of the borough’s infrastructure and the lack of comprehensive growth planning. Staten Island is the most car-reliant borough of New York City and is a region with one of the longest average commutes to work. Our borough’s population size and inefficient use of land means we can no longer rely on cars and expect to maintain a high quality of life. Our aim is to direct an informed discussion about where our borough should go next in terms of transportation options. We aim to help bring the “forgotten borough”  to the forefront of sustainable transportation planning.

What is Transportation Demand Management?

Communities around the country are faced with the conundrum of higher transportation expenses and tighter budgets. When faced with expensive projects such as road widening, parking garage construction, or zoning measures that reduce economic growth, counties, municipalities, universities, and others often conclude that they can no longer afford to accommodate automobile-centric growth. Instead, they choose to manage travel by promoting alternatives to single occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel. Transportation Demand Management is a “toolbox” of solutions that fight SOV travel dependency. This toolbox includes solutions such as:

  • Providing high quality public transit options
  • Encouraging carpooling
  • Providing safe and practical facilities for walking and biking
  • Reforming the zoning code to allow more people to live closer to jobs and transit
  • Working with businesses to optimize the travel patterns of their employees
  • Offering information about SOV alternatives to visitors and residents
  • Promoting sustainability solutions for fighting climate change and related natural disasters

What does SIMS do?

Our services include:

  • Advocating for cleaner, more resilient, and more diverse transportation options on the Island
  • Providing information on TDM options for  residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Informing about ways to improve our quality of life and increase tourism
  • Providing a framework for citizen-driven transportation planning solutions for Staten Island and beyond
  • Encouraging political groups and agencies to work across borough, city, and state lines to come up with better transportation solutions


To contact Staten Island Mobility Solutions, please fill out this form:

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